Friday, September 11, 2015

Shopping at Guess

The other day, we received some back to school items from GUESS.  I needed some things to go with the dress so we headed to our local outlet mall, where they have a GUESS outlet.  We stopped in to get a purse for me, but Charlie seems to have taken it over!
This denim polka dot dress is just darling!  It's perfect for back to school, or even a day of shopping with mom! The dress can be purchased from the link below:
After we took a few photos, we stopped at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory next door and got ourselves a treat!  I had her take a few photos with my caramel candy apple. We really wanted the classic red candy apple, but it was going to be half an hour before they were ready, so we settled for a caramel one!
Charlie's treat pick was a marshmallow dipped in white chocolate with a gummy worm on it.  Why do kids always pick the grossest looking treats?! I'm sure it was delicious, though!
The purse we picked out is super cute!  It's brown and navy with chain accent on the over the shoulder handle.  It fits my license and debit card, my phone and keys just perfectly!  It's a great bag to grab when you're going shopping! I couldn't find it online to share the link with you, but you might still be able to purchase it in store.
I love how I was able to accessorize with red shoes and leggings to match the red flower on the belt of the dress! It worked out so perfectly, as well, that the bag we got from purchasing the purse was red and went with the whole outfit!
We can't wait to share the next GUESS look with you that we put together! It involves denim and faux fur!  Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out! It's stinkin cute!
Thank you GUESS for the adorable denim dress!

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