Friday, March 25, 2016

My Fairy Doorway

A magical door that connects the human and fairy worlds!

One of Charlie's favorite things ever is fairies!  She's obsessed with anything to do with anything, especially fairy gardens.  This little fairy door found exclusively at ToysRus is the perfect gift for the special little one in your life! 
The kit comes with a little door and mailbox that you nail onto the wall, decals and gems to decorate with, fairy dust, stationary to write your fairy letters and a book about your fairy.  With the stationary, you can write letters back to your child and put them in the mailbox along with a trail of fairy dust for them to find! 
Charlie cannot WAIT for the next letter from her fairy already! I told her before I showed her all of it that it was just pretend, but I'm not sure if she believes me!! Haha!

Reading her first letter from her fairy!

She thought maybe if she knocked, her fairy would answer!

Writing my first letter to my new fairy friend!

My Fairy Door all decorated with the special decals!

my fairy door, the magical fairy doorway
Maybe if I hide around the corner, I'll catch a peek of her!

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your little girl, head over to Toys R Us to pick up your own fairy doorway!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Perfect Summer Dress

Florence Fancy is a children's boutique shop based out of New York.  They have a showroom where you can book a private trunk show and let your little one try on dresses and pick out their favorites!
The Florence Fancy Collection features clothing for specific occasions, as well as pieces that are multi-purpose. The fabrics, often specially made for individual garments, are durable and easy to wear. Patterns are bright, colorful, and fun - the three main ingredients that make children love the clothes they wear.
Charlie loves this summer floral dress because its soft and girly and it has the perfect twirl to it!
This dress would be perfect for an upcoming garden wedding or party!  Florence Fancy is sure to have a dress to fit any of your needs, though!  If you're lucky enough to live in New York, or travel there, be sure to stop by their showroom and play dress up!

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We were given this dress from Florence Fancy.  This is our honest review of the company.  We were not prompted at all on what to say in our comments.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Flower Girl Shoot

We had the amazing opportunity to do a pretend bridal/flower girl photo shoot yesterday!  Krystal's Adorable Accents sent us this beautiful white tulle dress.  It is a dream! It has tons of tulle layers, making it super full and fairytale like!
When you get the dress, you have your choice between three different colors of sashes.  They have rheinstones all the way around and tie in the back with satin ribbon.  Charlie's favorite was, of course, the pink.  Mine was the blue!

Charlie just loved wearing this dress. She had to "help" me carry it to the car and couldn't stop talking about it from the minute we got it out of the package it came in! This dress would truly be special for a little flower girl!
We grabbed a couple of roses from the garden for her to hold.  She loves flowers and couldn't stop smelling them the whole photo shoot.  She was determined to save one for her big sister!
I couldn't believe how perfect the lighting was for this shoot, or how perfect that garden with the white fences was! I'm pretty sure she thought she was part of a fairytale while we were in this spot.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Lace Cream Dress

We received this amazing package from 3claps a few days ago with a bunch of dresses!  We are SO excited to share all of them with you! 
The first dresses we did a photo shoot in were the lace cream dresses.  They would be so amazing as a flower girl dress, or even just a dress to wear to a friends/families wedding. The quality is amazing.  The lace is sturdy but dainty.  There are lots of layers of tulle and a satin type lining.  There is an invisible zipper going up the back.  One of my favorite parts of this dress is the sheer top.  I love how fancy and delicate it is! 
You can purchase this dress here: Keira Dress 
You can purchase the shoes here: Avery shoes in black (on sale for $48 right now so hurry!)
We are in love with this new location that we stumbled upon!  There are water features and brick arch ways.  It's just beautiful! 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Shopping at Guess

The other day, we received some back to school items from GUESS.  I needed some things to go with the dress so we headed to our local outlet mall, where they have a GUESS outlet.  We stopped in to get a purse for me, but Charlie seems to have taken it over!
This denim polka dot dress is just darling!  It's perfect for back to school, or even a day of shopping with mom! The dress can be purchased from the link below:
After we took a few photos, we stopped at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory next door and got ourselves a treat!  I had her take a few photos with my caramel candy apple. We really wanted the classic red candy apple, but it was going to be half an hour before they were ready, so we settled for a caramel one!
Charlie's treat pick was a marshmallow dipped in white chocolate with a gummy worm on it.  Why do kids always pick the grossest looking treats?! I'm sure it was delicious, though!
The purse we picked out is super cute!  It's brown and navy with chain accent on the over the shoulder handle.  It fits my license and debit card, my phone and keys just perfectly!  It's a great bag to grab when you're going shopping! I couldn't find it online to share the link with you, but you might still be able to purchase it in store.
I love how I was able to accessorize with red shoes and leggings to match the red flower on the belt of the dress! It worked out so perfectly, as well, that the bag we got from purchasing the purse was red and went with the whole outfit!
We can't wait to share the next GUESS look with you that we put together! It involves denim and faux fur!  Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out! It's stinkin cute!
Thank you GUESS for the adorable denim dress!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Little Jadore

Little Jadore and Butterfly Wings
We are so excited to share this photo shoot with you!  This dress from Little Jadore is perfection.  The tulle and knit top are so soft and sweet and there is even a turquoise sequin applique on the bodice. The minute we got this dress in the mail, Charlie snatched it up and ran in the other room with it to try it on. She adores anything with tulle and sparkle.
You can purchase the dress here: Azure Dress
Charlie's shoes are from: Jetaime For Girls
They sell lots of cute shoes, even mommy and me sets!
I used sheer ribbon on Charlie's legs.  It isn't a part of the shoes.
We got the wings at 40% off at  the craft store, Joann's. They are actually adult sized, but we knotted the elastics that hold them on to make them small enough for her.  I'll admit, they were hard to work with. The didn't want to stay open.
Our best kept secret is that you never have to pay full price at Joanns.  In fact, you can almost always get items you want for 40-50% off.  They always have a 50% off coupon to print on their website and they accept competitors coupons if they sell the same item that you are using the coupon for. You can use more than one coupon per transaction as long as the UPC symbols are all different. Places you can get coupons to use at Joann's are Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Shoot, now our secrets out! ;)
The sunset tonight was pastel and dreamy, which made for a perfect photo backdrop.

There was a field with tons of dandelions, which if you know Charlie, you know she's obsessed with dandelions. She can't help herself.  She was picking bouquets of them and making lots of wishes.  She said, "Mommy, you know what I wished for?  A new toy!"

After we spent a while making dandelion wishes, we took a short walk to the beach. Charlie insisted! I was ready to go home, but Charlie LOVES to play in the water and she knew the waves were just over that little hill from the dandelion field.  I was so glad she talked me in to it because it was a beautiful evening with an even more beautiful sunset!  It was warm enough to jump in the waves, too!

As always, thank you for stopping by our blog!
We hope that you enjoyed this photo shoot as much as we did! It's hard to call what we do work.  It's just too much fun. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with so many amazing companies!
Dress courtesy of:
Shoes courtesy of:

Friday, August 28, 2015

Gracious May

Azalea Collection
Gracious May sent us some things from their new collection, Azalea, yesterday!  It is all so perfect for fall, which is just around the corner!  We are so excited for cooler weather and changing leaves.  Fall is our favorite season!  Accessorizing can be so much fun because you have a lot more options like leg warmers, scarves and jackets! 
After our photo shoot  yesterday, we walked around the local farmer's market and we got stopped every few feet by people admiring her outfit!  I'm not exaggerating when I say that.  Every time she wears any of her Gracious May boots, she gets so many compliments!  When we pass by people, I hear "Oh my gosh, did you see that little girl's boots?!"
Gracious May is our favorite!!  Their boots go with everything.  Charlie wears hers almost daily and she loves them because they are soft soled so she feels like she's walking bare foot! 
I remember as a little girl, my mom bought me a pair of moccasins and looking back, I feel like I didn't ever take them off until they were so worn out it wasn't possible to wear them anymore.  I love the memories it brings back when Charlie wears hers.
The leg warmers and headband Charlie has on are from Gracious May's sister brand, Snugars.  We love the quality of their accessories!  They are super soft and stretch and always on trend with their colors! You can purchase Snugars at or
Skirt: It's actually a dress with a shirt over it!  By Taylor Joelle get it here: Aqua Scallop Dress
 An Etsy shop called ProjectBellasheshe sent us this darling bandana style headband! 
Here is a look at the full Azalea Collection found at Gracious May