Thursday, September 17, 2015

Flower Girl Shoot

We had the amazing opportunity to do a pretend bridal/flower girl photo shoot yesterday!  Krystal's Adorable Accents sent us this beautiful white tulle dress.  It is a dream! It has tons of tulle layers, making it super full and fairytale like!
When you get the dress, you have your choice between three different colors of sashes.  They have rheinstones all the way around and tie in the back with satin ribbon.  Charlie's favorite was, of course, the pink.  Mine was the blue!

Charlie just loved wearing this dress. She had to "help" me carry it to the car and couldn't stop talking about it from the minute we got it out of the package it came in! This dress would truly be special for a little flower girl!
We grabbed a couple of roses from the garden for her to hold.  She loves flowers and couldn't stop smelling them the whole photo shoot.  She was determined to save one for her big sister!
I couldn't believe how perfect the lighting was for this shoot, or how perfect that garden with the white fences was! I'm pretty sure she thought she was part of a fairytale while we were in this spot.

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